Here’s what some of my clients and fellow intuitives have to say about my work:

“[Mayhayley] is someone I’ve done dream work with and occasionally get surprise one card tarot readings from as part of following her on Patreon. I find her guidance earthy, direct, and right on target for what I’m needing.” – Tony

“Do you like to get readings done in tarot and other esoteric divination methods? Do you or someone you know of like getting this kind of insight into circumstance and need a little more guidance and counsel from someone who knows what they’re about? My friend [Mayhayley Rainwater] is your person. She’s brilliant and intuitive, and spot-on.”  –  Amelia

“[Mayhayley]’s readings are incredibly in depth and accurate. My most recent nailed spot on some tough situations in my life, and details on what needed to happen including quite a bit I didn’t know about. It was exceedingly helpful to have everything laid out.” – Miranda

“Okay folks, listen. There is one person in this world that I’ve been trading readings with since I started learning to read. Matter of fact, the day we met she read for me. That was about 20 years ago, which is impossible really.

[Mayhayley Rainwater] is a skilled and intuitive reader who will deliver your reading with insight, compassion and usually a bit of humor. She won’t sugar coat things but she’s very practical and down to earth.

She’s also a writer and educator so if you’re interested in learning more about cards or witchy folklore, follow her page A Word to the Witch. She’s been doing zoom classes on tarot and despite the length of time I’ve been reading, I still learn new things when I attend.

If you’ve never had a reading before and you’re curious, [Mayhayley] and I have a similar approach and that is to help you untangle your own inner conflicts. Yes, sometimes you get an idea which way your current path is leading, but typically it’s more about uncovering the layers in this moment than about predicting the future.” – Lora

“I got a incredibly spot-on, insightful and actionable Tarot reading by [Mayhayley Rainwater], yesterday. She has read for me several times, always with helpful information.

[Mayhayley] is a gifted reader and teacher. Please attend her Tarot classes. You will learn a lot about yourself and your path from her.” – Jessica

Please give yourself the gift of a reading from [Mayhayley]. Mayhayley has done readings for over 30 years. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history and symbolism of the Tarot. When that is combined her well-honed intuitive gifts, you receive an amazing reading. Her kindness and gentle humor make it seem like an old friend is across from you. Whether it is person or over Zoom, she brings clarity to the questions you bring to her. You will know yourself better by the time the session is over.” – Dwight

(Note: Testimonials have been edited to include my pen name.)

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