House blessings: $150, supplies included, within a 50 mile radius of Atlanta.

Readings are: 1/2 hr. $75, 3/4 hr. $100, 1 hr. $125

Visionary and energy healing work (includes reiki, intuitive reading, and journeying) by arrangement but will always include a preliminary reading (at least 1/2 hour) and an hour-long healing session at the $125 per hour rate.  You may split them up at the regular rate for each or purchase them together at $175.

Parties and events, $125 per hour with scheduled breaks.

For in-person and phone readings on Mondays and Saturdays, call Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore to book an appointment 404-255-5207.   For readings outside of those hours, schedule an appointment here.

For other services or answers to questions, call (912)388-1596 or fill out the form below.