Hourly services

Readings are: 1/2 hr. $75, 3/4 hr. $100, 1 hr. $125, via phone or in person at my location in Decatur.

Parties and events, $125 per hour with scheduled breaks.  House blessings $150 within 50 miles, materials included.

If you want advice on spell work, it includes a reading to determine how to proceed.  Reading and advice are at the $125 per hour rate.  If you want me to do spell work for you, that is on a case by case basis depending on materials, but is usually around $50.

Be prepared for the fact that sometimes your reading may say that doing a spell is a bad idea or will not be successful.  All I can say is that this is one way to know that I’m not trying to upsell or scam you, because I would make more money if I told you “yes, of course you need spell work…”  Sometimes you do. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you’re asking for the wrong thing.  All of that can be discussed.  

To schedule a reading or other services, please use the “Contact” form on this site or call me at (470) 231-5928


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